Sunday, May 31, 2009

Top Entrecard Droppers

First of all let me thank each of you for stopping by and supporting my experiment. I know i fell woefully short of a poem a day but I still have that goal in mind and in June will move forward with it.

I just wanted to say thank you to my top droppers for this month.
You entrecard peoples have been a delight.. I have met so many wonderful new friends with such great words of wisdom, humor and compassion. I wanted to say thanks for stopping by.. below are my top droppers for the month of May

Dropper # of drops
1 Blog and 2 Sides 23
My Heart Voice 22
Richard's Journal 22
Lola's Diner 22
Tech-Blog 18
Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife 18
Duck and Wheel With String 18
Poetic Shutterbug 18
Learning How To Make Money Online 18
Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice 17

So while you are off gallivanting through the internet, visiting your daily blogs, take the time to stop and check out these lovely blogs..

Thank you all so very much


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love is Like the Rain

Love is like the rain
it comes in all ways
flowing around us
It can be like
the thunderstorm
sweeping in and thrilling us
creating lightening
quickening fast
and just as quickly moving on
It can be a steady drizzle
we are not even sure it is there
until it has steeped into us
giving us a chill
but me, I prefer
the summer rain
a soft gentle rain
quenching the earth
and offering lifegiving water
nurturing the crops
bringing forth the fall harvest
yes, I prefer that love
that builds slowly
gently nurturing the heart
until finally it bursts forth
in full bloom
ready to be shared..

© Shauni

Friday, May 22, 2009

Despair no More

emerging from the
depths of despair
an ever increasing climb
plodding forth
the eternal stairs
one single step at a time
each moment bringing
a flicker of light
to the never ending darkness
each challenge won
a triumph indeed
a sign of weakness undone
no promise of tomorrow
rather a hope for today
the task not to finish
but to continue
God's miracles coming
not in the grand gestures
but the signs of life
along the way
the rewards coming
in the single joy
of focusing on another
the struggle is tiring
the spirit flounders
yet with the end of each day
a flicker of hope
shines through..
the darkness brightens
the dawn awaits..

© Shauni

Monday, May 18, 2009


one day a woman sat
old and bent with age

having led a life
adventure and challenge

or maybe just simply one of joy..

the young men came

what is hope they asked

is it there? can we see it?
she smiled through
parched and wrinkled lips
hope is the beauty of the sunrise
the promise of tomorrow

hope is the first breath

you take in the morning

and the last one at night

hope is a newborn baby

and a very old man

hope is eternal
it can not be defined

it just is

it shines forth
a beacon into the darkness

bringing us from the pits of despair
and allowing us
the ability
to start again.

in short.. hope is life

© Shauni

Sunday, May 17, 2009


there are times
when we rejoice
in the light
we revel in the dance
we needn't dream
because the dream is now
there are times
when life just wins
when the world closes
in around us
when we feel alone
and abandoned
there are times when
money is tight
food is short
and hope is sparse
there are times
when dreaming of
walking away
is the sole reason
for dreaming at all
it is in these times
when you discover
what you are
where you belong
and what love is

© Shauni


Trapped between what is
and what could be
what I am
and what I should be
Little girl lost
wandering alone
forever in doubt
gifts were given
promises made
and yet I stand here
where does it begin
where does it end
when does the promise
of tomorrow come in

© Shauni

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Faery Dance

she rises from the mists..
nephrite emerging from the seas
a sensual delight
a promise of what could be

each movement an invitation
a silent offering beckoning you in
the light of the moon
caressing alabaster skin

the sounds of the night
creating a song
for the fairy sprite
to dance along

alone in the clearing
tiny feet do fly
her dance a tribute
to the midnight sky

slender arms reach high
searching for the light
beseeching the gods
this creature of the night

the whirling twirling dervish
a ritual of the dance
a pagan offering
a prayer perchance

and so she flies
alone in the mist
a twirl, a swirl
a dance a twist

tossing back her head
letting laughter soar
a musical sound
a valient roar..

what promise is this
this pagan delight
this one small dancer
a decadent sight

alone in the mist
she dances
a promise of hope
of tomorrows chances

she dances until the
evening ends
returning to the mist
tomorrow to dance again

© Shauni

every now and then I like to try something different..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

If I Never...

If I never knew you
Life would be so very simple
I would be free
there would be no chains
to hold me
no promises to keep

If I never knew you
Life would be so easy
I could love simply
not feel the swelling of my soul
not hear my heart's despair

If I never knew you
Life would be tame
no battles to fight
no mountains to climb
no struggles of the heart

If I never knew you
I could be content
at peace
know simple peace
but I would never know

If I never knew you
Yes life would be simple
I would be content..
but I would never know what
Love is

If I never knew you
I would be empty
shallow, vacant
lost and floundering..
alone and not know it

If I never knew you
I would not know pain
but I would not know true love
that deep eternal kind
that erupts from your very soul

If I never knew you
I would be a poorer person
so even with the pain
the sorrow and the grief
I am grateful I knew you

© Shauni

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Cried Today

There was no dance today
I was lost in the memories
cocooned in his arms
yet dreaming of you constantly

He asks so little
and offers so much
a promise of tomorrow
in his every touch

And today
he asked me to dance
all I could see
was the pride in each glance

My heart was lost
in perpetual anguish
to dance for him
would tarnish what i cherish

It isn't that I don't
Love him, I do
it is just that
he is not you..

So tonight cradeled in his arms
I cried
I cried for what was
for what I denied

I cried for what
would never be
I cried because we
are no longer we

© Shauni

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fear and Hope Intertwined

A new beginning
the chance to see
what lies ahead
designed for me

I walk in darkness
afraid of the light
afraid of the promise
ever of the night

All that I was
has been left behind
alone in the shadows
lost in my mind

Standing here
naked and alone
afraid to go forward
unable to go home

And yet
ever is there a glimmer
a moment of hope
a shining shimmer

A promise of tomorrow
of what can be
a promise of sunrise
a promise of me

No longer will fear
be allowed to rule...
to hamper and detain
to make me the fool

I choose to shine
to bring forth the light
no more promise of tomorrow
but tomorrows delight..

© Shauni

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

A child is born
a mother created
a bond developed
forever united

A shoulder to lean on
to ask advice
the one who believes
no matter the price

the years move on
the child gives birth
no one more precious
that walks the earth

The cycle continues
from mother to child
a gift to us all
a love so wild

Being the child
and the Mother
and interesting place
one like no other...

Today is my day
at least I am told
to claim it as mine
I am never that bold..

I guess what I really
wanted to say
To my Mom
Happy Mother's Day

© Shauni

Friday, May 8, 2009

Playing with Fire

Always just a step behind
running from the flames
afraid of failure
never succeeding
barely dancing

Lost it seems
to those around her
no one knows her
darkest fears..
but still dancing

Escaping the fire
again and again
yet drawing the inferno
a vortex it seems
ever dancing

Fear of failure
yet ever burning
bringing destruction
where ever she goes
no choice but to dance

Burning high
escaping to the flames
rejoicing in the reward
of never failing again..
and yet still she dances

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have so much to say
I know it is there
On the tip of my tongue
But oh the despair

They sit there all laughing
Having their own private joke
Because they won't leave my mind
and enter the pen stroke

Oh they tease and the tempt
Promise me much
But like that innocent maiden
not giving me such

I said I would do this
A poem a day
and yet already
I am starting to sway..

So words I beg You
start dancing about
sing me your songs
give out a shout

© Shauni

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You Promised

You promised to be there
to hold my hand
to watch me grow

You promised
that you would
love me forever

You promised that
I would never again
feel alone...

and yet...
I stand here alone
no voice to listen to

no shoulder to lean on
no partner to dance with
all by myself

my face to the window
of what used to be
our Home

blamed for things
I didnt do
and condemned for things I did

You promised...
and yet I guess
in your eyes

I am not worth
the words
of the promise

because I refuse
to believe
that You lied
© Shauni

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eternal Flame

A dancing sprite
life's golden fire
a promise of forever
in the dance of desire
the warmth of tomorrow
shining through
a hope
of what faith can do
then come the flares
escaping it's confines
no longer dancing
creating it's own design
a destructive power
a lure no longer
destroying all life
growing ever stronger
but still there remains
a part of that sprite
the one who danced
and created the light
through the inferno
she continues to dance
a gentle flicker
one last chance
as the light slowly fades
to the raging fire
a tear escapes
to quench desire
ahead remains
life's final dance
a bridge to cross
to burn perchance
and yet in memory
a single light
remains to remind us
of our plight
shining in the darkness
bringing us home
a beacon to all
when the path is forlorn
shining true
remaining the same
a single light
this Home's eternal flame

© Shauni

I just heard that a family friend is loosing her battle with cancer.. while I do not know what to say I tried to share her light..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Dance

it started with a smile
a simple wave hello
no way she would ever know
where that smile would go

a blushing glance
a single nod
an elegant bow
a simple curtsy

the beginning strains
of the violin could barely be heard
above the pounding
of her heart

and so the waltz began
a trip around the room
a swirling dance
of light and laughter

for a moment their eyes did meet
passions swelled
hearts did beat
then came the refrain

and they turned away
each to twirl on their own
then meet again
as the music swelled

and that moment was lost
a friendship formed
trust, security
safe in each others arms

and so they danced
she, knowing He was there
that He would protect
honor and care

He, knowing that she was there
that she would stand by
honor and care
that together they could fly

maybe not your typical romance
of slippers and ever after
but one formed
in tears and sweat and laughter

each knowing that the dance
was theirs
that it would end
but until then, the dance was theirs

© Shauni

At Night

At night I dream
of the sound
of Your voice
of sleeping in
Your arms

At night I pray
that you are
that you dance
in the moonlight

At night I remember
the laughter we
the friendship
the love

At night I pretend
that you are
still there
that you
still care

At night I hope
that my slumber
that I can hold you

At night all
things are possible
and then I wake
to the cold
light of day

© Shauni

Friday, May 1, 2009

I Arise

the clock chimes 12
claiming the midnight hour
a swirling dancing mist
flows across the alabaster skin
of the sleeping maid
when suddenly I arise
nephrotite emerging from the sea
a promise of moonlight delight
a visual dream
to dance with you
for this night
only to find
at the light of day
I must return to slumber
no more to dance
until once again
the clock chimes 12

© Shauni

This was an attempt at fantasy.. a new direction for me I hope you enjoyed my first attempt