Friday, February 17, 2012

The Road

The Road less traveled
The Poem does say
The one to choose
To find your way
Until you find
It's been traveled
by many who dared prevail
A torturous path
doomed to fail
One dares to fly
To chance the faults
To learn to fly
To refuse default
Beware the danger
The distrust and dismay
Avoid the lies and deciet
stay true to the Way
To walk this path
You will oft dispair
You may get lost
The weather not fair
and yet
Once traveled 
You will find 
A joy, 
A peace of mind
A Dream complete
Avoid the pitfalls
step over the faults
A hope to all
is beyond it's vaults
Stop if you choose
to explore the view
Allow life's journey
to empower you
Life is not easy
But the way is true
Just follow the path
Set in front of you
Is life the journey
or the end
It matters not if 
You live it my friend


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Promises Lost

A Child is born
talented and gifted
full of hope
A Promise 

A Vow is made
a gift of tomorrow
love that lasts
A Promise

A contract is signed
ambition and nerves
hope for something
A Promise

A Friendship is formed
touched by laughter
shared experience
plans for fun
A Promise

The Child falters
The Vows are broken
The Contract torn
The Friendship shattered

Promises broken
laying on the floor
like shards of glass

Sharp, painful,

A Promise is broken
no hope of repair
A covenant mocked
complete despair


Monday, February 6, 2012


Can you see me
Do you know
that I am here

Can you see me
Do you know 
that I feel

When you walk
past do you hear
me crying out

Do you understand
my plea?

Do you hear me
an almost silent voice
see me..

Or to you
am I not worth 
your notice

Silent, lost


Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Rolling Rage

Sometimes when the wind blows 
You can hear the 
Rolling Rage
More than dancing clouds

An internal battle
sound and fury
waiting to erupt

Sometimes the wind calls me
Creating that furor inside
A Twirling Swirling 
Mass of Anger

Behind clouds
Ready to Burst forth 
and Release Rain 
Amongst the Heavens

I dream of letting go
Watching the Damage
Gleefully dancing in the storm

I want more than sound and fury
I want to see destruction
in my wake

I think I deserve
to let loose

Storms destroy
Disconnect and Damage
More than what is around me

If let loose
The Rage would 
Destroy Everything

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I do not cry
Pretty tears
No gentle rain 
For me
No single teardrop
slowly trailing
down an alabster cheek
No soft sigh

No, I sob
A wild Thunderstorm
Wracked with Grief

I Grieve
I sob
I hurt..

No beauty queen 
tears for me
Emotion grabs me
shakes me
controls me

I do not cry 
pretty tears
rather inelegant
gulping gasping sobs

Tears falling off
spiked lashes 
Like a waterfall
Dashing to the rocks

The pain engulfs me
strangles me
controls me
purges me

Leaving me empty
ruined and lost