Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Gift

Once not so long ago
I was alone
I had been abandoned 
Used and tossed away

I was grieving
Feeling unworthy
yet determined to 
not give in

Then you came 
and showed me your hands
open and giving
holding a box
all wrapped and true

This box is yours
you said
A present from me
All I ask is you 
let it be

Don't Open it
Don't question why
Just take the box 
and Put it aside

I accepted your box
It was hard not to peak
but I kept my word 
and didn't seek. 

Pandora I am not
I keep my word 
but I must admit 
That box could be heard...

Every time we speak
I think how lucky I am
that you came to give me
that box

Your friendship astounds
your grace amazes
My luck has changed 
I am in constant dazes..

At times the box is forgotten
In all that you do
In the way you treat others
While just being you

I was surprised when you 
Said. Today is the day
Take the box from the shelf
and rip the paper away.

I grabbed that box
that seemed way too lite
Ripped off the paper
and revealed to my sight

An empty box
There was nothing I could see
And then you said
The present was me.