Monday, September 16, 2013

That One Perfect Moment

That perfect moment
Captured in Time
An exclusive memory

Standing Alone
with your hopes wrapped
around you like a blanket
on a cool winters eve

Ready to face tomorrow
Whatever life throws 

By things that may be
Things that might come
And battles not yet won

For this one moment
There is no challenge 
You can not win

No Dream you dare 
Not Dream
No Quest you dare
Not attempt

There is only 
this one perfect moment


Friday, September 13, 2013

Accept the Change

Blue Skies Ahead
A life of promise
All powerful desire

What lies beyond?
Those promises given
What dreams may come

Could there be more
Than the day to day 

Could the life ahead
Be so much more
Thank it seems?

Life may not be broken
maybe it should be
life is more than complacency

If it's not broken
Break it! 
Set the beyond free

What lies beyond
The blue skies of promise
Dreams of forever it seems

What lies beyond 
What we deem perfect
Hope, Faith, Love

Accept the change
Grow with your gifts
Soar with your dreams


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When the Towers Fell

When the Towers Fell
Our lives did change
An innocence lost
Life rearranged

When the Towers Fell
moments passed like hours
Each second a testament
to steel girth powers

And yet the Towers Fell
War was declared
No thoughts of peace
For battle we prepared

Time marched on 
And the towers slept
Complacency returned
and the towers wept

Ever the Bastion 
We must stand tall
An implacable force
The permanent wall

Our enemies surround us
Our pride has been swept
and yet the battle cry remains
Always Remember, Never Forget


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Never Resting, Ever Changing

Never Resting
Ever Changing
Time sweeps by

Slowly Stealing
Life's Precious Moments
Minutes Until we die

Regrets, will follow
Undamaged time
Leaving us to sigh

Save not those minutes
But seek your dreams
Ensuring time will fly

Hold back not 
the hands of time
Rather let them Cry

Never Resting
Ever Changing
Time Sweeps By


Saturday, September 7, 2013


Awake, arise
to the glory 
that surrounds you

Welcome a new day
Rejoice in the beauty

Awake, Remove
your sorrows
Refresh your soul

Find your peace
Release your fear

Observe the gifts
that we have been give


Friday, September 6, 2013

Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces of
a Shattered me
Broken dreams

A heart once strong
lay in pieces 
on the floor

Each day an attempt
To gather my pieces
and put them back together

There can be no fix
I am whole no more
Shattered Dreams
and a Shattered heart

And yet
I ever gather
The Broken Pieces
of a Broken me

Returning them to 
their rightful place
Creating a new me
with broken pieces

Cracks in the soul
Scars on the heart
never whole
but really, never 


Thursday, September 5, 2013

And So the Wind Blows

And so the wind blows
every strong 
carressing my soul
calling me

And so the wind blows
a whisper in the darkness
A dance on the moor
calling me

And so the wind blows
a secret desire
A lost love
Calling me

And so the wind blows
Taunting me
reminding me
Calling Me

And so the wind blows
teasing me, 
Ever promising me
Calling Me

And so the wind blows
until rest finally calls
silence, evermore


Wednesday, September 4, 2013


With a whisper
it embraces you
With a roar
it engulfs you

A Sensuous slithering
A tantalizing tease
A tempting torment

It hides in the darkness
it embraces the light
there is no escape

No gentle reprieve
when the storm 
winds blow

No hope for tomorrow 
when troubles
blow in

Whispering promises
within your mind
Tearing at your very soul

 Distraction, destruction

Blowing you off 
your dreams
yet keeping you 
glued in place

Awash in sea 
Doubt remeans


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Listen to the tap, tap, tap 
of the rain
Listen for the whisper
of the wind

Listen to the birds
as they sing
Listen to the chug, chug, chug
of the Cars as they go by

Listen carefully for 
that lonesome whistle
of the train
or the clackety clack of 
it wheels

Listen to the world around you
Hear the music
Do you feel the joy
Do you hear the dance

Tap your toes
spread your arms
Reach for the heavens
and Dance!

Day to day
the music surrounds us
If we listen 
there is always a beat

If we absorb it
Life is sweet


Monday, September 2, 2013

Rejoice in Today

Whether in a mountain meadow
or on a sandy beach
in a crowded city
or alone in the country

The sun rose today
Light has once again
conquered the 

in what we have 
been given

that tomorrow 
has come

in the fresh light
a new day brings

Worry not
about the struggles 
you may have to 

Fear not
about the trials
that come your way

Instead Rejoice
Today has potential
and Promise

A chance for rebirth

A New Day!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dancing in the Rain

There is no shame
In Dancing
In the Rain

The feel of the
Slicing across your skin

The puddles splashing
as laughter 
spills forth

If you let yourself 
There can only be Joy

A lost moment 
of childhood
A sacred thank you

No matter the whys
Just take the time
To dance in the Rain!!