Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Saying Hello

Hello my child
where did you come from?
when did you become
this amazing man?
hello my child
who are you now?
where are you going?
where will you end up?
hello my child
thank you for the journey
the laughter and the joy
hello my child
my precious baby
my sweet boy
hello my child

© Shauni

The oldest turns 21 today.. so I celebrate as I can

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Collector

There once was a man who liked pretty things
He was an arrogant, charismatic, creative man
Brilliant in his own way
He would find something he admired
be it because it dazzled and shined
or it was elegant in it's simplicity
he had no specifics he just liked pretty things
He would find something he liked
research it, find out what care it needed
how it was best displayed,
how it would best reflect back to him
when first he got them
the would be placed in prominent display
shown off to the world, a light forever shining upon them
but soon enough, he would need another
newer, shinier, prettier, whatever.. a different thing
so the old ones would be pushed aside,
left on the shelf, in the dark
becoming fragile and brittle, covered in dust
He knew others coveted his things
what he didn't know was that they came in and took
the items he had neglected.
one day he found some items missing..
and he went on a rampage
storming throughout the house..
sometimes breaking the pieces that remained
never seeing the value in what he had..
finally, all his pretty things were gone
and he sat alone in his empty house
the light shining upon him...
hollow, empty, a void..
for it seems the pretty things
had become all he was
and he had lost them all

© Shauni

I know this isn't a poem really.. but i am working on it, maybe a story.. it is going to show up here periodically in different format. please bear with me

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Mother's Prayer

Dear God
thank You
thank You for the
troublesome bundle of joy
thank you for the midnight calls
the need for a ride home
the bad grades and the smart mouth
thank You for the
grief I get every single day
thank You for
the times I worry when he is late
and he comes sauntering in
totally unaware that I worried
thank You for
his self absorption
thank You for
each time I want to throttle him
because every time
one of these things happen
it means he is alive
and well
and learning about life
so thank You God
tomorrow I will comment on
how we can make him
a better man

© Shauni

Monday, June 1, 2009

Promise Me Not

Promise me not
eternal devotion
forever and a day
fill my ears not with
pretty words,
for what really are they
nothing more than packages
to be left upon display
no dearheart
promise me not.
stand beside me
during the dark days
the ones where i am besieged
stand beside me
as my heart pounds
thinking i am alone.
no promise me not
your forever love
but rather accept me
for who i am
talk to me, laugh with me
share with me
the adventures of my life
i need not your pretty words
rather the strength
that comes with
your actions
no dearheart
promise me not

© Shauni


In the twilight moments
before a new dawn
the misty morn of almost time
when hope and reality collide
that is when our souls replenish
not in the night when dreams
run rampant
not in the day when the world
demands us
no in the almost time
in between
when we hear the phone ring
in our dreams
that magic moment
as we watch the sun rise..
a quiet moment as it
slowly lights our soul
warming us
replenishing us
sending us along our way
ready to battle,
fight, live a new day

© Shauni