Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Waiting on Tuesday

What wonders exist
What promises made
What comes from the mist
What exists on display

Sometimes we wait
We pause
We worry about life
With no cause

Sometimes we dream 
Of what can be
We pace ourselves
Refuse to be Free

Sometimes we let the world
Make the call
Stifle our choices
Cause us to fall

We draw the boxes
We limit our choices
We freeze our hopes
We still our voices

Wait.. Wait.. Wait..
This is not the right time
Be patient, no longer
This time is Mine!

No longer will I wait
No containing my dreams
No longer will I wait
I celebrate Tuesdays it seems

Rejoice in the everyday
Seek for the light
Honor my dreams
Make my life bright

I no longer recognize
Your right to proclaim
What life consists of
How you tend to defame.

No, for me, for now
There is Tuesday to rejoice
Today I choose
To take back my Voice!


Monday, March 11, 2013

The Senses

Do you hear
The whisper of the moon?
The silent lady
In constant swoon

Do you feel her
gentle call
to those who once
lost it all

Do you see 
Her Silent Plea
To the lost 
To me?

She calls to those
who are broken
Who stand alone

Can you Taste
Her need
To bring them home
In word, in deed?

She calls to the senses
of those who are lost
who gave it all
to their cost

She speaks to the hearts
of those who know pain
Who have sacrificed all
and earned only pain.

To those who 
Can not stay
with those who
have lost their way

She calls to those
whose dared to dream
and felt the joy
before the scream

She calls.. 
But beware
only those who have lost
truly dare


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Once I Believed

Once I believed
That there was a place
For someone
like me

Once I believed
That I would
Dream Dreams
Live and Love

Once I believed
That in spite of it all
There was a place
For me

I believed, I dreamed
I hoped, 

Once I believed 
That life was grand
That there was joy
That there was hope

But no more
No more do 
I believe

Too many times
The dreams have been shattered
The heart has been broken
Nothing has mattered

Too many times
Those that said they care
Walked away
Left me alone

Too many times
I sat and cried
For a friend
to stand by my side

Too many times
The battle has been lost
and the victor takes 
the spoils

Leaving me


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Do You See Me?

Do you see me?
Can you see 
Behind the Mask?

Have you looked
Into who I am
What I dream

Do you hear me?
My Cry
My Voice
My heart?

How can you know me
When you do not see?
You do not listen
You do not feel?

How can you know me
When you can not see
beyond the smile
The laugh

Do you know
My Reality?
My Pain?
My insecurities?

Do you hear 
How loud I cry?
Do you feel
My Pain?

And yet you 
Judge me
Mock me
Betray me

You leave me alone
To fight the world
in pain..

Thrown away


Friday, March 8, 2013

I am Undone

I stand alone
the night calls, 
The mist is rising
Darkness falls..

As the world ignores
the desperate moan
The demons thrive
I stand alone

Battled and betrayed
Hope all but gone
Bruised and scared
I am undone

Used and abused
for someone's gain
Never minding 
My constant Pain

The battle is raging
The war not won
I stand alone
I am undone