Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sometimes the Wind

Sometimes the wind calls me
As it dances and trips across my skin
Sometimes it lures me to dance
Along to its haunting
Wordless melody
Reeling me along as it
Carelessly plays with me pulling
My hair from its anchors daring
It to fly to create a frenzied dance
Of it's own, searching
For freedom sometimes the wind dares me
To defy the life I have
To let it all go
And sometimes it beckons me, it tempts me
As it whistles its way through the
Caverns of my soul but mostly it cries for me
As I sit alone imprisoned
Longing to be free

© Shauni

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Kiss

it starts with a glance
just a peek
from beneath the lashes
then a touch
a simple grazing of hands
then wonder blossoms
toe to toe
hip to hip
heart to heart
lip to lip
innocence personified
one kiss..
forever immortalized

© Shauni

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


with a burst of light
that breaks through
the clouds
a joyful release
a new beginning
after chasing away
the darkness
each single ray
a promise from above
a hope
a knowledge
that there is love
the sunrise
feeds my soul
a promise of forever
what joy that comes
from the breaking dawn
another day
to celebrate

© Shauni

Monday, April 27, 2009


there she stands
in the spotlight
having given her all
when it begins
that single clap
turning into
a waterfall
soaking it in
feeling the admiration
knowing today
she was near perfection
then the applause
begins to mute
the room going silent
and there she stands
in the spotlight

© Shauni

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Chance to Dream

there comes a time
when you are lost and afraid
alone and betrayed
when your choices
leave you in tears

there comes a time
when you have pushed
all who love you away

and you stand frozen
in place

there comes a time
when you wonder
has any of it been worth it
do i have value
do i despair

and at that time you find
that part of you
long denied
you find that now
is the time to be

it is the time
to be strong
to laugh at the world
to be grateful for the

it is time to smile
with real joy
because you are alive
that you have survived
that there is hope

it is the time
to dance...
in celebration
it is a wondrous

for all is not lost
it would seem
you have
one last hope
it is the time to dream

© Shauni

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Getting Started

The other day I was reading a blog over at Darnuth Keep and realized how very much I enjoyed them. I envied Kelly the ability to do this. I envied her ability to be responsible and dedicated I envied her, her ability to take the time to write such beautiful words and I envied her, her desire to hone her craft.

Then I woke up and realized that I did not need to envy her, no I could emulate her. From tomorrow on.. well maybe tonight depending on when I accomplish this feat. I am going to post a poem a day.

What I liked most about Kelly was her admission that hey the goal was a poem a day but it didn't always happen. She did not beat herself up over this nope she just kept plugging away. So that is my goal.. to write a poem a day but to realize that some days life will not allow for this.

I also liked the fact that she felt these poems were not always her best work but continued to post them.. why? because while they were not her best work they did help her to hone her craft.. so that is my goal to write a poem a day and to realize that they may not be my best effort but an effort still..

I honestly can not believe I am starting yet another blog but there you have it I am plainly insane..