Sunday, January 29, 2012


I love Words
The way they
trip along the tongue

The way the wrap 
themselves around 
you, creating

Wonderful, wicked words
that make you see
new things
 Think new thoughts

I love words 
they create a tapestry 
of delight

showing us images 
in our minds
wonderful, wicked words

I love words
they wreak havoc
and mend souls

they dance on air
and sludge in the mud
the twirl and twist
confuse and bemuse

I love words
Wonderful Wicked Words


Friday, January 27, 2012

God's Eye

Be silent
speak softly
bow down
God is watching

Always aware
always present

Don't dismay
Don't wonder
yet let wonder fill you

God is there

Listen to the wind
Listen to the seas
Listen to the very birds
In their trees

God is watching
God is Here

Be Joyful
Be Awed
Be Humbled

God IS


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On the Edge

on the edge
insecurity wrapping around
a slow sinuous snicker
ready to escape

on the edge
of dreams just escaped
promises lost
despair beckons

on the edge
take that step
will the despair win?
or does hope survive

on the edge
a fragile belief
in what can be
not what was
of innocence lost
and found

Of Hope betrayed 
and faith renewed
take the leap? 
will I fall?
or will I fly?

On the edge of laughter
and life
of simple joy

On the edge 
of everything


Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Dawn

A New moment
A new Dawn
A New Chance Revealed

A New hope 
A New Dream
A New time to dance, unconcealed

Promise of today
Just today
A heart fulfilled

Promise of Fate
A Story untold
A Fear Stilled


Every Day
A New Hope
A New Chance

A New Dream
A New Promise
A New Dance


I know sloppy work, but I just needed to get something no matter how amateurish back on paper.. more to come