Saturday, August 31, 2013

Finding the Light

Darkness abounds
this pitiful soul
Lost in the shadows
deep in the void

Silence surrounds 
this lost heart
A silence so loud 
even the heart's beat is lost

And yet
Deep in the void
Hope survives

A beacon shining
Safe haven

No matter how dark
No matter how silent
A single Candle
can brighten 

No matter how afraid
No matter how alone
If you seek, you will find

There is light
In the morning sun
There is power
in a single lightening strike
There is hope
at every sunrise

Find the light, 
Wash away the darkness


Friday, August 30, 2013

Lost in the Darkness

Lost in the darkness
of my mind
never finding a way 


Lost in the imaginings
of what has become
Ever darker
No peace

The branches clawing
My fears growing
Life destroying

Each step taken in fear
Am I going deeper
Or is there light ahead

Deeper and Deeper
Ever Darker
Afraid to leave
Afraid to Stay


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Defining Me

How do I define
Who I am 
Who I want to be

How do I dare 
to stand alone 
and Say
I am...

I am not putty
for you to mold
I am not a doll
for you to dress

I am not a dream
for you to live
I am not a disappointment
for you to claim

I am me..
My struggles are mine
I am me
My dreams are mine

My existence defines me
Not you
My choices, my failures
are mine, not yours

You can no longer have me
You can no longer claim me
You can no longer dream my dreams

Because I am taking them back
Reclaiming them
Demanding them

I may fail
I may succeed
I may get stuck in between
It matters not

What matters is
I will fail
or I will succeed
Not you..


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dare We Dream

What Dreams do Die
When we fear to let them Free
What Hopes collide when 
we insist on letting be

Dare we let our dreams escape
Or must we hold them close
tight to our heart
A secret lost, a forbidden host

Dare we Dream
Dare we Soar
Dare we allow our flights of Fancy
Dare we Roar

Or must we ever plod on
solidly stuck in reality
No brighter tomorrow
Lost in negativity

Dare we Dream
Dare we fly?
Dare we see 
The Midnight Sky?

Or do we sink
into mendacity
No Hope, no light
No laughter, no originality?